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Convert to Islam is a page dedicated to the information and videos of whom that accepted Islam and worship one God (Allah) alone as the creator of all the creation. In this page, you will be witnessing how the religion of Islam shaped the life of the individuals from different backgrounds and skin colors and brought them closer to their creator Allah and gave them happiness. Although the journey of conversion to Islam took months and years for some, they stayed patient with their decision and accepted Islam as their faith and way of life and continued their Jihad with in themselves.

These Islam converts have stories to share with their Muslim and non-Muslim friends that why they left their previous religion and converted to Islam. The converts to Islam come from all over the world from different religions, backgrounds, careers, skin color etc. Even those who haven’t been in any religion and never accepted that there is a creator for this beautiful creation known as atheist and agnostic have come and embraced Islam. On the other hand, Scientists and science majors have found proof of Islam being the true religion and converted.

However, the question still remains that despite all the propaganda against Islam and Muslims in the West by Western media, why Islam is the fastest growing religion with thousands of converts every year in Europe and America alone? In order to get answer for the stereotype questions against Islam, I recommend you to watch just a few videos of the thousands converted to Islam. Stay tuned and search for the truth with open eyes and clear mind.

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