Afghanistan Calling Card

Afghanistan calling card is being sold in every store or on the internet but it's hard to find a reasonable cheapest International long distance charges. Fortunetly I have found a Calling Card or phone card which is the best one to phone Afghanistan with best voice quality and cheapest charges.

Skype is another way to get in touch with families, friends and relatives in Afghanistan by downloading free Skype software on your computer. It has free PC to PC calls and great features such as:

  • Free PC to PC calls anywhere in the world.

  • Free video calls - with more details and High Quality Video.

  • Instant message for free when it's not a good time to talk.

  • Forwarding calls to your cell phone when you're offline.

  • Send SMS messages to people on cell phones and much more. Also you can get monthly plan with unlimited world calls as well as purchasing credit.

Instructions for calling Afghanistan from abroad:

Afghanistan country code: +93

Afghanistan city codes: none

Afghanistan Calling Card dialing Instructions for placing long distance international calls to Afghanistan from the US:

To call Afghanistan using your current long distance carrier please dial as follows:

Dial your access number provided on the back of your calling card or if you buy online, you can get it from the calling card website, and then dial your PIN code, afterward dial 011 then the Country code and the City code and the local number.

Dial Your Access number and Your Pin code.

Dial 011 + Country Code + City code (if applicable) + Local number,

For example: If you call a cellular mobile in Afghanistan, after dialing your access number and pin code,

Dial: 011 + 93 + City code (798) + Local # (142 012).

Currently in Afghanistan approximately 90% of the population are using cell phones. Due to existence of several cell phone (mobile) providers, people like to have a cell phone from each company. The Cell phone provider companies in Afghanistan are:

AWCC ( city code = 0700 or 07000 )

Roshan (City code = 0799,0798,0797,0796)

Etisalat ( City code = 0786, 0788 )

Areeba ( City code = 077 )

and a few other local telephone providers.

If your calling Afghanistan frequently and looking for a cheap phone card, please contact me so I can refer you to a best calling card that I am using myself. Call Afghanistan Now.

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