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Afghanistan films and theater shows had many viewers in the past, but during the three decades of war and conflict Afghanistan Films/movies have received the most damage and almost lost it’s value among Afghan People. The biggest damage on Afghanistan movies were during the dark period of Taliban when they shut down the cinemas, burnt and destroyed the movies and banned all entertainment in Afghanistan.

After the collapse of Taliban government there was a reopening of cinemas and re broadcasting of television. Due to lack of Afghan movies, people turned to foreign movies but especially to Indian movies which brought a strange twist into Afghan culture. Despite all that, the Afghan film makers pulled their sleeves up and started to make their own films from the scratch and with limited budget.

I want to mention two movies out many other local films that were made after the Taliban regime. Osama by Seddiq Barmak who is a talented Afghan filmmakers was produced in 2003 and depicts the cruelty and dark period of the Taliban. The second is the Earth and Ashes by Atiq Rahimi another Afghan/French talented director that shows the conflict and result of war and filmed in Afghanistan in 2004. These two award winner movies are produced after the Taliban regime. Since then, there have been several local and international movies made about Afghanistan. However, despite the security issues, several movies were shot inside Afghanistan including Indian Bollywood production Kabul Express and French prodction Kabuli Kid.

The feature films and documentaries that are made about Afghanistan are including:

  • Black Tulip (2010)

  • Afghan Star (2009)

  • Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan (2009)

  • Kabuli Kid (2008)

  • Afganskiy prizrak(2008 TV mini-series)

  • Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear (2008-TV)

  • Losing Hope: Women in Afghanistan (2007)

  • Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me It Would Become This Bad in Afghanistan (2007)

  • Kampf um die Kinder Afghanistan zwischen Krieg und Frieden (2007)

  • Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

  • The Kite Runner (2007)
  • Kabul Express (2006)

  • Earth and Ashes (2004)

  • United States of Afghanistan (2004)

  • Osama (2003)

  • Mo Hitotsu no Afghanistan- Kabul Nikki 1985 nen (2003)

  • Good Morning Afghanistan (2003-TV)

  • Fire Over Afghanistan (2003)

  • Escape from Afghanistan (2002)

  • Afghanistan: Land in Crisis (2002)

  • Afghanistan: A Journey of Discovery (2002)

  • Pavarotti & Friends for Afghanistan (2001)

  • Afghanistan 1362 - Erinnerung an eine Reise(1985)

  • Inside Afghanistan(1988)

  • The Best of War (1988)

  • Witnesses(1988/I Afghanistan "the Untold Story"Canada w/ English title)

If you have a project and need more information about Afghanistan actors and actresses, film companies, filming location, security, or if you need props from Afghanistan, please contact me and I will do my best to help you with your project.

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