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Afghanistan music or Afghan music is unique and beautiful and I invite everyone to sample the unique sound of Afghani Rubab, Danbora, Delrobah, Sitar, and Tabla.

Under the Taliban regime, most forms of music like playing instruments, singing, and listening to recorded music was strictly prohibited in either public or private.

Afghans are generally very musical people and enjoy singing playing many types of instruments.

We also enjoy performing the Attan, which is the national dance of Afghanistan. What you will typically hear in Afghanistan are folk songs or ballads. Many of the songs will be known by everyone in Afghanistan and have been around for many years.

Afghan Rubab and Drum (Tabla) Melody

The main traditonal music instruments of Afghanistan includes:

Harmonium- Like a small piano/accordion


chang - like a harmonica

Robab - 6 stringed instrument

Drums (Tabla)


Dil Rubah


There is still a lot more to come on the music webpage, so please check back with frequently for updated information!

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