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  Afghan food recipes are easy to make and very delicious to eat and I guarantee you won't regret trying it.

There are many different Afghani food recipes available online and offline, but every part of the country has it’s own authentic Afghani recipes with it's own traditional style of cooking. In this website, I am trying to gather the most favored recipes which are known by Afghans and Westerners alike, and for which ingredients and utensils are easily available.

As an Afghan, I have aimed to give recipes in their authentic form, but some laborious and time-consuming procedures have been changed, and tips for shortcuts are incorporated. Often these modifications have come from Afghans living in the West, who have had to make many adjustments in ways to maintain their own traditional way of cooking and to saving time in a different environment which has successfully worked out for them.

Afghan cooks are not accustomed to using exact measurements when they are cooking. I try to give such measures, otherwise without that many of the recipes would be puzzling to non-Afghans. However, I don’t mean them to be taken too literally; especially with ingredients like salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil, amounts can be changed to suit individual tastes.
Cooking is usually done by the female members of the family, although for big occasions and parties, professional male cooks are hired. The men of the family are usually responsible for shopping. Family is much broader concept the East and it doesn’t refer only to immediate relatives.

The size of Asian extended family means that a large amount of food must be cooked each day and that takes considerable time. Food tends to be cooked slowly so that the full flavors of the ingredients are brought out. Often the Pallaw (Afghani rice) tastes better when warmed up even the next day or two.

In this page you will be able to find most of the favored and common Afghanistan food recipes, and I hope you can pick an Afghan recipe to make and enjoy in the environment of your own family. Meanwhile if you are an Afghan and already know how to make your favorite Afghani dishes, then we need to know what you can cook and what is your favorite dish by Sharing your recipes with us so we can post it for your on this website.

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