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Afghanistan food is very unique and delicious. Its believed that Afghan food is one of the top South Asian foods with a very nice looking and yummy taste.

From the taste of (Qabeli Pallaw) Rice with chopped fried carrots and raison to (Ashak, Mantoo), veggie and non veggie dumplings and it’s fresh bread.

Afghans are very talented and expert in cooking and their unique hospitality is well known across the continent. They love to have guests and serve them several different foods with respect and hospitality.

As a matter of fact, guests are always welcomed in families at any time with or without a notice in advance. If a guest comes to someone's home without a prior notice, the host tries her best to cook the best food possible without showing any disrespect to the guest. However if the guest informs the host in advance, the host may prepare different types of Afghanistan traditional foods to please and impress her guest.

In other cultures particularly in western culture, unexpected guests might be seen as rude or an appropriate but it's not in Afghan culture. Guests are always welcomed in families and well served as it's believed that the "guest is God's friend". To not have food for the guest would be unheard of and uncommon even in the most tough times. Also coming away hungry from an Afghan table or from somebody's house simply never happens, no matter how little preparation the host may have.

Its worth mentioning that as part of the culture in Afghanistan, guests are usually asked to eat several and feel comfortable several times by the host to make sure the guest doesn't feel shy and doesn't leave the table hungry. If you are invited to an Afghan home for lunch of dinner, make sure to remember that the host may ask you to eat more, and that is just to make sure you don't leave the table hungry.
If you get offered to eat several times by the host, the best and polite way is to be honest. If you got full but the host still insists you to eat, simply say "I got full now but if I get hungry I will eat again before I leave, or say no thanks I eat enough." Basically it is a part of the culture and hospitality of Afghans to make sure you feel comfortable and make your self at home.


Each part of the country has it’s own food and cooking style. In the past or before the three decades of ongoing war in the country, if you were traveling from one part of the country to another, and your car may have been broken down and you had no where to go to take shelter, you could easily knock somebody’s door and ask for something to eat, drink or a shelter.
The owner of the house would welcome you to his house with out knowing who you are or where you came from. During the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, local villagers have helped the Mujahideen (Fighters) by giving them food and providing them shelter to fight against the Soviets no matter who they were.

Afghanistan has a lot of different types of delicious dishes. I can name a few of the most special and common ones on this page. The typical Afghanistan food which most people like and are famous by the names and tastes are:

  • Qabeli Palau- Rice with chopped and fried carrots and raison, which is called the crown of afghan cooking and serves for special occasions and guests such as weddings.

  • Mantu- (Beef-Dumplings) is Afghans favorite meal Awasana. It contains ground beef, onions, dough, spice, and toppings which serves to special guests and in especial parties due to too much work and preparation.

  • Aushak- Veggie dumplings, which is another Afghans special meal with chopped Gandana,some olive oil, salt and dough. Due to lack of finding this specific vegetable (Gandana)in the West, people use spinach, scallion or green parts of the leek instead.

  • Bulanni – One of delicious Afghan foods which is called (Awasana) which can be served any time with fresh homemade Yogurt and homemade pepper hot sauce Chatney sauce but Bulanni is mostly served for special guests and in special parties. You can cook this great meal from two different ingredients such as boiled potato, chopped onions, dough and a bit coriander if needed and cooking oil for frying. You can make it with Green part of the leek or spinach, Dough, cooking oil, hot pepper if desired. People mostly serve this tasty food during the fasting month or Ramadan, for breaking of the fast (rooza) in the evening time.

  • Lamb Kabab or Lamb steak is a really delicious and yummy food in Afghanistan. First the meat is getting washed and chopped in small peiecs. Then it gets mixed and maranided w/ garlic paste, salt and other seasonings and stays over night for better taste and then barbequed.

  • Beef Kabab, is an onther type of common food in the region. Beef has a second position in Afghan meals and cookeries. Form beef different types of Kababs and Qurmas sauce dishes can be made which eveyone of the dishes has it's own unique taste.

  • Chicken Kabab, is the third type of common Afghan Kabab. From the Chicken meat, different types of Kebabs can be cooked. Fried and grilled chicken kebabs are the most common and desired kabobs among Afghans.

The spices used in Afghani foods are not bland. Afghans have their own way of cooking and they usually try to keep the balance when it comes to adding spices. In fact many western travelers find afghan food very delicious!

Have you tried Afghan food?

Do you know the secret of Afghanistan food?

Do you know what spices Afghans use in their food for a better taste?

Please click the links or search a closest Afghan restaurants near you by typing your specific keyword in the search box. I am sure once you try Afghan food, you'll never forget the taste will try again and again.

If you are an Afghan and know how to cook, share your favorite recipes with us by using this form. The recipe should be originally written by you and not a copy from other websites. Make Sure to write your name and location to get credit for your recipe contribution.


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