Afghanistan Flag

The current Afghanistan flag is contained three solid colors such as black, red and green and each color represents a different page in the history of Afghanistan.

The black represents the 19th century era when Afghanistan was occupied and did not have independence. The red color means blood shed and fights for independence and the green means the independence achieved as well as hope and prosperity for the future. This three stripe flag was designed during King Amanullah Khan after he returned from a visit of Europe in 1928.

Afghanistan flag is made of equal three stripe colors with an emblem (mehrab) in the middle of the red stripe in white color. There are two wheat branches on each side of the (Mehrab) and on top of the wheat branches, there is the declaration of Shahdah ( Muslim’s faith declaration) which means There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his prophet.

The meaning of Afghanistan flag:

Black: Darkness of the past history of Afghanistan
Red: Blood shed and war in the history of Afghanistan
Green: Hope, Prosperity, and a Bright future

The two branches of wheat on Afghanistan flag emblem comes from the time of the legend. During the Aryan Empire, King Yamah and the founder of Afghanistan Ahmad Shah Durani was crowned with it for the first time as a symbol of bravery. Afghanistan flag has been changed several times during every single regime as well as the emblem of Afghan flag. To know more about Afghanistan flags and kingdoms, we start from the kingdom of Amir Habibullah Khan 1901 to the last or current flag of Aghanistan.

Afghanistan flag before the independence 1901-1919

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