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Thanks for visiting Afghanistan Culture website or Afghanistan-culture.com. The website where you can learn authentic information about Afghanistan a landlocked and mountainous country located in the heart of South Central Asia with the history of over 5,000 years.

I am sure most people are familiar with the name of Afghanistan but not familiar with the Afghan culture, Afghanistan history, Afghanistan food and hospitality.

In this website you will get the accurate information about Afghanistan culture and customs, Afghanistan religion, Afghanistan government, Afghan people, authentic Afghan food recipes, Afghanistan sports including the traditional game of Buzkashi and Kite flying.

This website also gives you information about culture and tradition of clothing, or clothes, including traditional Afghan clothes. You can also find information about Media and Communications, local transportation, entertainments including Afghan movies, Afghan music, Arts and Crafts and much more.

In this informational website, I am trying to provide the accurate information about the region to my visitors based on my knowledge and experience ofBandi Amir growing up in my country Afghanistan which has a rich culture, heritage, and was a peaceful land once upon a time.

I strongly encourage you to take the time and check out my website frequently for updated and interesting information about my destroyed and invaded homeland Afghanistan.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or comment. In order to expand this website and provide more information about Afghanistan, I need your support by sharing your information about the region such as your travel story, food recipe, or any information that can help others to learn more about Afghanistan. In order for me to publish your article on this website and give you credit, make sure the article is written by you and its not copied directly from a website or a book. Please submit your information using this form. Make sure to add your name and location to get the full credit.

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Afghanistan Culture Blog
Welcome to the official blog of Afghanistan Culture!
Afghan Stories, memories of the past, stories of the war
Afghan Stories or Information posted by Afghans and other visitors of this informative website. Please read the submitted posts, and if you have any info about the region, pls don't hesitate to share
Afghanistan History, Afghan History, History of Afghanistan
Afghanistan History, Afghanistan which is called the crossroad of Central Asia has a history over 5.000 years but it has been always sacrifice of invasion, war and conflict,
Afghanistan Religion, The true & fast growing religion, ISLAM
Afghanistan Religion is Islam & it has a key role in life of Afghan people, Thoes who are following Islam are called Muslims.
Afghanistan Government, The Islamic Republic of Afghaistan,
Afghanistan Government Is an Islamic Republic Government..
Afghanistan People, Known as Afghans, Afghani, Afghan
Afghanistan People are called Afghans or Afghani. To learn more about Afghans and their culture, please check out this page!
Afghanistan Food Is One of The Best South Central Asian Food
Afghanistan food or Afghan food is a unique South Central Asian food with yummy taste. Afghanistan is known from it's food and hospitality to it's beautiful carpets and handmade products to the world.
Food Recipes - Authentic Afghani Food Recipes made available so you can enjoy it
Food recipes of Afghanistan are easy to make with a unique & authentic flavor. Get your Afghani food recipes here and enjoy making your delicious South Central Asian food at home. Try it!
Afghanistan Music, Traditional Instrumental Music of Afghanistan
Afghanistan Music are including Pop, Classical, Folk, Ghazal, Instrumental or Tak Nawazi which each one has it's own audiance.
Afghanistan Films, Afghanistan movies, Afghan films movies,
Afghanistan Films or movies have been reopened it's way to the world after suffering from three decades of conflict.
Afghanistan Art, or Aft and Culture of Afghanistan
Afghanistan art has ancient history over several hundred years. Restoring the lost arts of Afghanistan.
Craft Leather, Handmade Leather Bags and Crafts of Afghanistan
Craft Leather or leather craft has played an important rule in our life. This art of leather working is mostly done by hand to make bags & crafts in most part of the world including Afghanistan.....
Kite flying in Afghanistan and the types of Afghani Fighter kites.
Kite Flying in Afghanistan is really common and it's considered as Afghans national outdoor sport.
Afghanistan Clothing, Afghan or Afghani Traditional Clothes
Afghanistan Clothing especially the traditional clothing is really beautiful with embroidery and unique in design.
Map of Afghanistan including the cities and districts of the region
Map of Afghanistan shows the geographical locations of 34 cities including the capital of each provinces and it's districts.
Afghanistan Major Cities, Major provinces of Afghanistan
Afghanistan major cities or major provinces are including Kabul, Herat, Mazari Sharif, Kandahar, Jalalabad and a few more. Click this link to learn more about them.
Afghanistan Flag, Meaning of the three color stripes Afghan flag
Afghanistan Flag contains three stripe colors Black-Red-Green which each color describes a page in the history of Afghanistan.
Kabul Afghanistan - Kabul city is the Capital of Afghanistan
Kabul Afghanistan! Kabul is the capital of Aghanistan with a rich culture, history and heritage of over five thousand years. Learn more about the culture and costume of Kabuli people.
Afghanistan Facts, Facts of Afghanistan, Afghan facts
Afghanistan Facts are incluing the geographical location, people, languages, currency etc.
Afghanistan media and press, Freedom of speech & media in Afghanistan
Afghanistan media and press have been seriously in danger and many Afghan journalists have been killed or kidnapped.
Afghanistan Calling Card, Afghanistan cheap phone card, call afghanistan
Afghanistan Calling Card can be found in any where but a long distance cheap cards with great voice quality is rare. Click this link to learn about a good calling card to Afghanistan.
Communications in Afghanistan, Afghanistan telecommunication
Communications in Afghanistan has widely developed in last 5 years and there are several cell-phone provider companies in the country.
Search-Free-Translation, A great tool for navigation.
Search-Free-Translation, Page makes it easy to do web search as well as free translation of the site in your own language in a second.
Links, links to other cherry picked cultural and inforamational websites
Links to other informative cultural websites on the net, get connect here.
Contact Me, contact Afghanistan culture contact us page
Contact Me, Please contact us if you have any question or comment regarding my website!
Privacy Policy, All About Your Private Information
Privacy Policy, All about your private policy and private information.
Five Pillars of Islam, The Foundation of Islamic Faith
Five Pillars of Islam. Declaration of the faith statement known as Shahadah, 5 times daily prayer, Fasting in Ramadan, Charity -Zakah and Pilgrimage Hajj are the 5 foundations of the Islamic faith.
Quran and Science, Islam found its way to science
Quran and Science, The holy scripture of Muslim's faith has found it's way to science which proofs that Quran is a divine scripture from God to humanity with out any error.
Famous Celebrities Joining Islam
Famous Celebrities have found Islam a religion of peace, equality, unity and tolerance. As a result thousands of famous people, scientists and celebrities are joining Islam each year.
Convert Stories to Islam
Convert Stories is a page dedicated to the spiritual journey of thoes individuals from different backgrounds, religions, careers who have joined Islam. Please be tuned to read and learn!
Afghanistan Sports and Traditional Games
Afghanistan sports and games are including Buzkashi, Kite Flying, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Teakwondo, weight lefting etc. Luckily Afghan athletes won several medals in these sports.
Afghanistan minerals and deposits
Afghanistan minerals and natural deposits have been recently identified by international geologists. The deposits of Afghanistan includes, Iron ore, Gold, Copper, Lithium, Cobalt, Niobium & much more
Amir Amanullah Khan - The Great King
Amir Amanullah Khan son of king Habibullah Khan was the great king and ruler of Afghanistan who have achieved the independence of Afghanistan in 1919.
Fighter Kite Trainer - Basir Beria
Fighter Kite Trainer
Afghan Restaurants, Enjoy Your Afghan Food in a Top Afghani Restaurant.
Afghan restaurants are almost anywhere, but finding a top restaurant with DELICIOUS food is not easy. Check out this page & select a top Afghani restaurant near you.
Afghan Restaurants in Los Angeles California
There are two Afghan Restaurants in Los Angeles, Khyber restaurant in Reseda & Azeen restaurant in Pasadena los angeles, however there are many restaurants in the Bay Area of Northern California.
How to Make Falafel from scratch | Try it here with simple instructions!
Do you know how to make Falafel? Falafel recipe is very simple and requires some ingredients that you may already have at home. If you wold like to have an easy snack, try this best Falafel recipe!

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