Afghanistan History

Afghanistan history is as varied as it's people. The country went through many changes and many rulers during it's history. While many people know about the current history of Afghanistan from the last 25 years since the Russian invasion, many are not aware of any history prior to that time. I will attempt to highlight a few major historical time periods as I build my site. Currently please check out the links below for the history of main cities of Afghanistan.

Kabul History
Kabul history traces the conqures
and invasions of several empires who
fought in the region including Alexander the Great.

Ghazni History
Ghazni city established in 683 AD,
when the Arab armies brought Islam to the area.

Herat History
(ca. 550-330 BC), the surrounding district
was known as Haraiva (in Old Persian), In classical sources the
region was correspondingly known as Aria 'Areia'.

Kandahar History
Kandahar derived from Gandharah, and was
established in 330 BC by Alexander the Great.

As a boy growing up in Afghanistan, I saw a lot of the changes to my beautiful country. Over the course of the next few months I will attempt to write more about Afghan history as my site grow. Please stay tuned and check back frequently.

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