About me 'Mustafa Haidari'

About Me, My name is Mustafa Haidari. I was born in April 1984 in Kabul Afghanistan.

I have graduated from Naderya high school in 2002 and then I studied acting and directing movies in theater & cinema department of faculty of Fine Arts at Kabul university through 2006. I have worked in several organizations in Kabul and out side as a translator, assistant, teacher, advisor as well as various other positions.

Here in Los Angeles I work on my website as well as an actor and Afghan culture advisor. Out of all the different jobs I have had, I enjoy working in movie industry. My recent movie and theater projects that I have worked are:


"2008 - Kabuli Kid as Radio Journalist & production assistant"

Fidelite French Production

"2007 - The Kite Runner as Party Worker & casting associate" DreamWorks Company

"2006 - Peace or War - as victim" Student film Kabul University

"2005 - Tashakur (Thank You) - English speaker Guide" Nathalie French Production


"2006 - I'm Not the Second Gender" Brother of the victim.

"2006 - Love Labors Lost (Shakespare Play) Messenger - Directed by: Corrine Jaber "French"

"2006 - Fear (Tragic Disaster) Clerk - Directed by: Mirza M Tabarov "Tajik"

I have recently moved from Kabul to US and I am currently living in Los Angeles to pursue my career as an actor, cultural advisor and translator. If you need to reach me for translation or consulting services, please contact me via this website.

Thanks for your time visiting my website and reading about me. If you are interested in information on how I built my site, please contact me.

Mustafa Haidari

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