The living corpse.

by Hajar Yadgari
(Auckland, New Zealand.)

A new life is born
a new inspiriation shattered
a new dream forgotten
a old story told again

we ask ourselves why us, but we also have to know that the world is full of questions and with no answers.

We have to live with what we have, if its less or more and cannot do anything about it as there is no choice but one that one chioce is to take the short and wrong path, which we know that we will end were we started, but still travel the path because of revenge,naviety, stubbornness or feeling helpless and hopeless.

When we reach the end of that wrong and short path everyone says its our fault. We took the decision and ended here beecause of our own faults. But we only had one choice and the world made us to take that path. We also were innocent and pure just like you, but the world is hell for the poor and weak, there death is seen as there fault. The true face of the indivdual is forgotten by society, by us and the fact that we are responsible.

This is the travel of every young innocent child in any unfortunate country.

Throughout the lifetime of this young child, you can see and feel the change and notice that this change is fake but it is for the individual to be strong and the face he or she wants to show to the society. And they become successful as we are all blind and cannot see the true face of that hopeless individual child.

This cycle will continue unless we open our eyes and hearts to these people. We only need to ask them are you alright and try to heal their wounds or these wounds will turn to a hell on earth.

A new life is born
a new inspiriation shattered
a new dream forgotten
a old story told again.

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The living corpse NEW
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good one NEW
by: Kelly

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by: casey

I really connect with this since this is very true. I wish more people can see the true inside of someone. If could, the world could have been a way better place.

by: Anonymous

This is very interesting and I like how you put it in words. Indeed very true and meaningful.

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