Taliban Regime

(1996-2001) Taliban Regime appeared in 1996 and governed almost 97% of Afghanistan for five years.

It's believed that the Taliban was created, trained and supported in Pakistan by ISI Pakistani Intelligence service with the help of CIA. The leader of the Taliban was Mullah Mohammad Omer whio was from Kandahar Southern province of Afghanistan. The Taliban regime was called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which only gained diplomatic recognition from three countries including Pakistan as the first, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The Taliban was a group of extremists came mostly from Pakistan and highly supported militarily and economically. However, in the last few years of Taliban government, many other foreign militias have been seen which are still in the combat zone with the Taliban.

During the Taleban regime, All afghan news, media and entertainment was banned. Women were not allowed to go to school or work and they had to wear Burqa. They were also allowed to wear white shoes and western style clothing like jeans as well as, they had to have a male companion from their families when going out. Meanwhile, there were also restrictions on men such as: having beard, wearing turban and hat, not to wear jeans and western style clothing and much more. In general they have banned everything even television, photography, arts and museums etc. After 9/11 attack in 2001 the Taliban government has collapsed due to heavily bombardments of U.S B52 from the air and Northern Alliance and NATO forces from the ground forced the Afghani Taliban to escape. However, the Taliban rule has ended but they have managed to escape to the southern provinces where there is still war going on. The Taliban flag was a solid white color with the declaration of Shahdah in the center of the their flag.

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