Perahan Tunban 'Mens clothes'

Perahan Tunban is the national and traditional men's clothing in Afghanistan. Wearing the Men’s dress ‘Peran Tunban’ is pretty common in the Afghanista as well as in the neighbor country Pakistan.

The design of dress in Afghanistan is unique due to some embroidery on the chest or down the collar as well as around the two sides of collar’s buttons which adds more awesome look to the dress. People used to wear this typical dress as a comfortable men's clothes in early 90s but the dress became more common in the region during the Taliban regime in 1996 when they banned western style clothing for men.


Perahan Tunban is now considered as normal out fit for men in Afghanistan and approximately 80% of men are wearing this typical clothing as normal inside the house as well as out going dress. The dress is made out 4 yards of cotton and polyester, it can be also made out of woolly fabric for winter times. The length of the dress is till lower the knee cap and the wearer has the option of choosing the lower part to be in circle or square design. The two side of the dress from waist below to the end are open and I can say it's like an open slit which makes it comfortable and easy to walk.

Perahan Tunban comes in several designs and colors with some embroidery pieces around the collar as well as on the chest. It depends to the choice of the wearer which color he likes but the main used colors are: whitish blue, white, khaki, black, gray and a few more. The white color dress is mostly common with all men in Afghanistan but it's more acceptable by older men because the white color describes the purity of the older person. People have the choice to choose their favorite color from a large selection of different fabrics and colors as well as combination of two colors like: gray -white dotted fabric or even some people like to strip and patterned fabrics. Men are wearing a suit's coat or a waistcoat on top of Perahan Tunban, and it's has two reasons. First wearing a waistcoat gives a nice look to the wearer and second 98% of people in Afghanistan are keeping cash and other belongings in their pockets so, they love to have something on top of their typical clothes to keep their belongings in the pockets. Some times during the summer when the weather reaches up to 46 (Celsius) which is about 114 (Fahrenheit) in Kabul and over 120 (Fahrenheit) in some of western provinces, people are not wearing anything on top of their clothes.

The style of Traditional men clothing in Afghanistan which is known as 'Kalaye Afghani' is nice and similar to the other normal types of 'Perahan tunban'. The Afghanistan traditional men clothing comes in four pieces which is the dress 'perahan', the trouser 'tunban', a golden stitch style waistcoat, a golden/silver stitch style hat and a pair of flat golden/silver stitch shoes called Paizar. The dress comes in white color with a little more embroidery on the chest and around the color and it more well and unique made. Paizar has several different types and sizes for men and women and it is more common in India as well and people are wearing it with their Indian style Kamiz Shalwar.

The Traditional men clothes are worn in special occasions such as: weddings parties, picnics, Eid days, national day etc. In that kind of occasions people who are wearing the traditional clothing usually come to a circle and preform a dance called (Attan) which is considered as Afghanistan National Dance. In this dance, the dancers are performing the dance in a circle to the beat of the musicians. This dance typically performed by men & women facing toward the center where the musicians are standing and playing the music. It involves 2-5 steps, ending with a clap given while facing the center, after which the process is repeated again. The hip and arms are put in a sequential movement including left and right tilts, with the wrists twisting in sequence, with ultimately a hand is projected outward and brought in a 'scoop-like' fashion towards the center where the other hand meets it for a clap. Every province has it's own style of traditional dance which is typically performed with the musician's dictation, duration and speed.

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