Mohammad Daoud Khan

(1909 – 1978) Mohammad Daoud Khan which was known as Sardar Daud Khan was born on July 18, 1909 i Kabul Afghanistan in a royal family.

Daoud Khan was a prince and politician of Afghanistan who overthrew the monarchy of his first cousin and brother-in-law Zahir Shah and became the first Afghanistan president from July 1973 until his assassination PDPA party in 1978. Before he become the president, Mohammad Daud Khan had served as a Prime Minister for ten years from 1953 until 1963. In 1973 Daoud Khan staged a bloodless coup and got the power from his cousin and (Brother-in-Law) Zahir Shah. Daoud Khan became the first president of Afghanistan and established a republican government for the first time and he never announced himself as a king (shah). Daud Khan was known for his progressive policies, especially in relation to the women rights.

On April 27, 1978, Daud Khan and most of his family were shot in the presidential palace and dumped in mass graves by the communist regime of Noor Mohammad Taraki, Hafizullah Amin and Babrak Karaml. However on June 2008, the body of the President Daud Khan and his family were found in two separate mass graves in the Pul-i-Charkhi district of Kabul.

The flag during Daud Khan's presidency was changed from vertical to horizontal style and embedded an eagle with two wheat branches as an emblem on top right side of the Afghan flag.

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