Kunduz Afghanistan

Kunduz Afghanistan which can be pronounced as Qonduz, is a city in northern Afghanistan and the capital of Kunduz city. The province is linked by highways with Mazari Sharif, to the west, Kabul, to the south and Tajikistan's border to the north, known as Shir Khan Bandar.


In an estimation of 1979 the Kunduz province had around 53,251 population, but the current estimated population of the city is 264,100 people, which is four times greater than before. Kunduz is located at 36.73°N, 68.86°E, at an elevation of 397 meters above the sea level. The city was known in antiquity as Drapsaka, and was a place of importance visited by Alexander the Great. Under the governance of Sher Khan Nasher, it became one of the wealthiest Afghan provinces in the early 20th century. It was mainly from Spinzar Cotton Company which was founded and established by Nadir Khan, and continued to exist in post-war Afghanistan.

Kunduz city was the last major city held by the Taliban before its fall to Northern Alliance forces on November 2001. This province is the most important agricultural province which produces wheat, rice, millet, and other products and obtained the nickname of 'the hive of the country'. It is also the center for the north east provinces, and was the stronghold of the Taliban during its regime. The city is strategically important because of it is only connected way to Takhar and Badakhshan provinces of Afghanistan. There are several different ethnicities are living in the city, such as, Tajiks, Pashtuns, Uzbeks and Hazaras and the spoken language is mainly Dari.

The arrival of the Pashtun tribes into the region are of relatively recent date, stretching back only into the early 19th century. This has been a trend in all of Afghanistan where the Pashtun tribe loyal to the rulers in Kabul had been sent to distant regions of Afghanistan to act as mar graves of the Kingdom of Afghanistan. Amir Abdur Rahman Khan was the most active person in this regard so he sent thousands of Pashtun tribes into northern Afghanistan as well as to Darya-e- Amu (Amu River) based in the 1880s and 1890s to guard the borders against the Russian incursions also to form military outposts for Kabul in the recently acquired territories of Badakhshan and Mazar-i Sharif.

Kunduz Afghanistan is divided into 6 districts such as:

  • Khan Abad,

  • Ali Abad,

  • Char Dara,

  • Dashti Archi,

  • Qala -e-Zal

  • Imam Sahib.

Afghanistan Kunzuz or Qonduz province has 9 representatives in the (Wulosi Jirga) lower house and 2 in (Meshranu Jirga) in the upper house as well as having a provincial council and the current governor is Eng. Mohammad Omer.

Kunzuz Afghanistan has many famous figures but one of them was Haji Nazekmir the leader and the Grand Malik of the Zakheil tribe. Haji Nazekmir was the wealthiest person in the city. He owned thousands of acres of farmland, several apartment buildings, commercial stores, commercial buildings, car dealerships, and many hotels. After his death, his son Haji Nayeb Zakheil was honored with his father's turban and was officially elected the leader and the Grand Malik of all of the Zakheil tribe of both Afghanistan and Pakistan nations.

This is the satellite map of the Kunduz city. Please click on the + button on top lift side of the map to zoom in and move your cursor for more details of the city.

According to the Ministry of Urban Planning, Kunduz Afghanistan has around 200,000 inhabitants, with a large influx of returnees. The city is experienced an economic boom in 2004. The distance from the capital Kabul city to Kunduz Afghanistan is 236 kilometres by air and by car about 8 to 10 hours.

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