King Zahir Khan

(1914-2007) King Zahir khan was born on 15 October 1914 in Kabul, Afghanistan.

After the assassination of his father, Zahir Shah the 19- year old son of Nadir Shah become the long lasting King of Afghanistan for 40 years until he was ousted by a bloodless coup in 1973. Zahir Shah studied especial classes for princes at Habibia high school located in western part of Kabul and then he continued his education in France, where his father had been sent as a diplomatic envoy.

During the king’s time Kabul University was established in early 1930s, - 1940s and gradually the city began to grow as an industrial centerand in the 1960s, Kabul city was largely developed. While Zahir Khan was in Italy for propose of eye surgery, his cousin and the Prime Minister Daud Khan staged a coup. Zahir Shah lived in exile in Italy for twenty nine years and after his return to the country in 2002, he was given the title of Father of the Nation by Afghan officials. Mohammad Zahir Khan, has died on July 23rd 2007 in Kabul Afghanistan. The flag of Afghanistan during King Zahir Shah was the same three strip color except the sun was removed from the emblem.

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