King Nadir Khan

(1883-1933) King Nadir Khan was born in Dehra Dun in India on April 10, 1883 into Mohammadzay clan.

Nadir Khan was the king of Afghanistan After Amir Amanullah Khan from October 15, 1929 until his assassination in 1933. Nadir Khan was a military general in Amanullah Khan's monarchy. When the Anglo-Afghan war started in 1919, Nadir Khan volunteered to lead the national army to the south and to fight the enemy. After the kingdom of Amanullah Khan and during the 9 months leadership of Kalakani, Nadir fought for months until he had captured most part of the country from the leadership of Habibullah Kalakani's with the support of British Empire. Then he had killed Kalakani and himself became the Shah or king of Afghanistan.

On November 1933 while he was distributing awards to the high school graduates at Bala-e-sar Kabul, the King was shot dead by a teenager named Abdul Khaliq Hazara. Mohammad Nader Shah was criticized by many Afghan historians as an agent of Britain in Afghanistan. During his regime hundred of thousands of innocent civillians were killed in Afghanistan. During his Afghan kingdom, Afghanistan flag remained the same except has changed the emblem.

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