Kabuli Kid Movie

Kabuli Kid movie is an Afghan movie made in 2008 in Afghanistan by Fidelite Films French production and Directed by an Afghan-French director: Barmak Akram. The Story of the movie is about a Taxi driver in Kabul picks up a woman with a baby.


Khaled (Taxi Driver) picks up a woman in burka with her baby boy. Her face is hidden behind a blue burka (Veil) and they settle on a price and drive off. The taxi arrives at its destination and the woman gets out and a new passenger climbs in and sees the baby in the backseat at the back of the seat. Khaled leaps out after the woman but she's vanished. The journey starts for Khalid with the 6-month-old baby boy. Khalid tries to find the mother of the by asking every one from friends to strangers in the street. He returns to where he picked her up but finds, Nothing. Fate has handed him a young life for which he feels more and more responsible. An eventful, chaotic, often highly comic journey through a city which is itself simply trying to survive. Barmak Akram portraits the awakened emotion of a man in a city which is returning to hard ship life after 25 years of violent conflict.

The movie was entirly shot in Kabul city and in a few districts of Kabul. The casting of the movie was taken place in Kabul and all of the cast were selected from Kabul except the two French actor and actress. Some of the sound department crew came from Iran and some of the camera department from France specially but the rest crew was from Afghanistan. The movie is a jont production of Afghan Film and Fidelite French production.

The movie won several awards in film festivals and nominated for several awards such as Grand Pix 'Best Film' but the movie is not released yet. Please search for Kabuli kid movie trailer and pictures in the search box below.

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