Kabul Transportation

Kabul transportation is widely enlarged and developed after the establishment of new government. Several local and international companies have invested millions of dollars in Afghanistan transport especially in Kabul transportation including reconstruction of Kabul airport, establishment of local and international private airlines, purchasing new air crafts etc.

Kabul International Airport serves for the population of the city as a method of traveling to other cities and countries. The airport is a hub to Ariana Afghan Airline, which is the national airline of Afghanistan and it belongs to the government. There are several other airlines that established recently as private airlines such as: Kam air, Pamir Airways, and Safi Airways. Turkish Airlines has recently signed a partnership contract with Ariana Afghan Airlines to make travel from Europe and the Americas to Afghanistan with less connection stops. The new $35 million dollar international terminal which was paid for by the government of Japan, was inaugurated in 2008 for full operation. The new terminal is the first of three terminals to be built so far. The other two will be opened after the increase of air traffic in the city.

For most passengers coming from Europe, Africa, Russia and North America, Istanbul is the connecting city for direct flights to Kabul. Passengers coming from the Middle East and the rest of Asia connecting in Dubai to get to Kabul. Direct flights between Kabul and Frankfurt by Ariana Afghan Airline have been put on a temporary hold due to lack of new planes. The city airport also has a military air base which serves as the main airport for the Afghan National Air Corps. NATO also uses the city airport, but mostly military air traffic is based in Bagram district in north of the capital. The security of the airport is the responsibility of Afghan National Army and the foreign troops based in the city.

There are several local and International airlines in Kabul such as:


Ariana Afghan Airline

Kam Air

Sufi Airways

Pamir Airways

UNHAS Airline

(United Nations Humanitarian Air Services) which some times refers as WFP aviation. UNHAS is an active and standard airline in transporting passengers who are working in international humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan from Kabul to Mazari sharif, Kunduz, Faizabad and other major cities of Afghanistan, as well as to Dubai.

Kabul has its own public transportation such as public buses which is called Millie Bus (National Buses) and takes commuters on daily routes to many destinations throughout the city. Besides the buses, there are Kabultaxicabs in yellow which can be spotted just about anywhere in and around the city. There is also an express bus that runs from the city center to Kabul International Airport. The plan of reinstalling the modern trolleybuses that the city once had it is being under evaluation.

Due to worsening the security lately in the region, the investments has declined significantly in Afghanistan transportation as well as in the other sectors of Afghan government.

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