Kabul High Schools

Amani High School is one of the top Kabul high schools located behind Afghanistan presidential palace in Kabul. It was founded by king Amanullah Khan in 1924 which it is called by ater his name. The school was supported by Germany from that time until 1985 by providing staff and teaching materials. When the war begun from 1992 the school had been looted and partially destroyed.

After the establishment of Hamid Karzai government the reconstruction began with German help in spring of 2002 and the first ceremony to celebrate Afghanistan's return to education was held at the school by attending of interim Afghan leader Hamid Karzai. The school is capable of two to three thousand students in different shifts from 1st to 12th grade.


Istiqlal High School is another top high school in Afghanistan which is located in the center of downtown Kabul. The history of the school starts from 1922 when a group of Afghans built an educational organization in Kabul but they were short in expert educators and teaching materials. On that time King Amanullah Khan suggested to the French government to support that educational organization which was called (Amania). The French government of that time accepted the request and sent several educators to Kabul. In 1931 Amania the name of this educational center changed to Istiglal which means (freedom). In 1965 after King Zahir Shah returned from a trip of France, he ordered to build a new building for Istiqlal School in the same spot. The work started by placing the rock of the building by the French prime minister (Georges Pompidou) when he was in a visit in Kabul. In 1974 the school was inaugurated and over 2300 students were studying on that time by 31 French teachers. When the communist regime took the power the diplomatic relation got worst and French teachers left the country until 2002. Today French supported Istiqlal is modern school with expert educators and high method of teaching.

Ayesha-e-Durrani High School is one of top the Kabul high schools for girl’s located in district #1 in downtown of Kabul Afghanistan. Aisha Durrani was the wife of Timur Shah Durrani and the daughter in-law of Ahmad shah Durani, who is known as the founder of current Afghanistan. Aisha was the first women who opened a girl’s school in Afghanistan and played a major role in the cultural and linguistic development of Afghanistan. She was well learned in Dari grammar, Arabic, geography, and Islamic studies. Ayesh Durani high school was named after her. During the war and conflict in Afghanistan, this top Afghanistan high school was severely destroyed. After the fall of the Taliban and with the financial support of German government, the reconstruction of the kabul high school was started in 2002 and finished in 2004. The school is capable of two to three thousand students in two times from 1st to 12th grade.

Habibia High school is another top boys high school in Kabul Afghanistan. This great Kabul high school was founded in 1903 and named after King Habibullah Khan the father of King Amanullah Khan. Habibia high school has educated many well known Afghans and the former and current elites such as President Hamid Karzai, King of Afghan music Ahmad Zahir, Dr. Najibulah the last communist leader and much more. Habibia high school was totally destroyed during the civil Afghan war of from 1990s to 1994. The reconstruction of the school started after the establishment of President Hamid Karzai in 2004. Currently the school has the capability of three thousand students in different shifts from 1st to 12th grade.

There are several other top schools in Afhganisan which hope fully I will write about them including Malali high school which was founded in 1942;(Malali was a brave Pashtun woman who has fought in Afghan/British war against British.), Naderia high school and kabul beauti school which was established in 2004. Kabul beauti school was turned to a book as well.

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