Kabul Express Movie

Kabul Express movie is a joint Afghan/Bollywood 2006 production. The movie is directed by bollywood Indian director 'Kabir Khan' and shot in different parts of Afghanistan in 2006. Mostly the location of the movie was in Panjshir valley 'province' and Kabul city. It is the second bollywood movie shot in Afghanistan after the movie 'Khuda Gawah' in 1992 which couple of the scenes were shot in Afghanistan.

Most of the crew were from Afghanistan including the fight stunts, action co-ordinator, technicians etc


Kabul Express film is about a TV journalist going to Afghanistan for a news coverage during the Taliban regime. The brief story of the plot; The attention of the world is focused, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in the United States, on Afghanistan - a country that has been torn by war for the last 23 years, and has had no media coverage for the last 6, mainly due to it being occupied by the Pakistan-sponsored Taliban, with Pakistani military personnel themselves involved amongst the Taliban. But when the U.S. and it's coalition forces target Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan issues an official denial that there are no more Pakistani military personnel in Afghanistan. This results in a influx of journalist and media from all around the world.

Amongst this background a loyal soldier, Subedar Major Jan Mohammed of the Pakistan Border Regiment, estranged from his daughter, Zorya, who detested the Taliban, is now on his way back to the Pakistani border, and in order to do this, he has taken four hostages: Jessica Beckham of Reuters; Jai Kapoor and Suhel Khan - two Indian journalists; and their Afghan guide, Khyber. Together he herds them towards the border in an all terrain vehicle labeled 'Kabul Express', but before that he must hide his identity from vigilante groups of the Northern Alliance Mujhaideen, Afghani backlash against the Taliban, as well as the Hazara militants and thieves who use donkeys as road blocks. The question remains will Pakistani officials lower their guard and welcome him back or will he be fated to live and perhaps perish in Afghanistan? Watch the trailer and the song of the Kabul Exp movie here.

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