Jihad in Islam

Jihad in islam is an Arabic word that has become familiar to many non-Muslims due to the widely misusage of the word in the Western media associated with terrorists activities. The word Jihad has commonly used and mistranslated as “Holy War” by Western media in order to put a dark image on the religion, however the word Jihad means struggle, exertion in the cause of God.

Jihad in Islam is used in activities related to the Islamic practices as an struggle, such as waking up early for the dawn or Morning Prayer if the person is not an early riser, Fasting for 30 days in the month of Ramadan from early sunrise to sunset with out eating or drinking, leaving the old tradition and life style when a person joins islam and so on.

In the first years of Islam’s birth in the seventh century or 1400 years ago, this term was applied individually as new Converts joined the small movement of Islam and struggled to leave their old traditions and way of life. In spite of family members and other difficulties, they took on what they had come to believe and continued their struggle. Moreover, their personal existence was Jihad as they struggled in the cause of Allah as one Supreme God. In America or in the West, those women and men who have chosen Islam are in a Jihad or struggle as they leave old tradition and life style, and adjusting themselves to the new belief. However, despite all the facts and true information out there about Islam and Muslims, the religion of Islam is unknown or viewed as an extremist religion with many stereotypes about about Muslims in the West.

Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and in fact, it is the fastest growing religion of the 21st century. Islam condemns violence, extremists and killings of any human beings. As there is a verse in the Quran which emphasis that, “..If anyone slew a person unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he slew the whole humanity: and if anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” (Qur'an 5;32)

There is also a Hadith saying for the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which forbids the killing of women and children and people in monasteries even during war. Abu Bakr As-Siddique (R) is reported to have commanded Usama ibne Zaid (R): “I command you to obey ten orders: as you must not kill a woman or a child, or an elderly person; do not cut down trees, or vandalize homes, or wound a sheep or camel except if you eat it; do not drown a palm tree, or burn it, do not be treacherous; do not be a coward; and you will pass by people who have devoted themselves to monastery life: leave them alone with their devotions.” (Tarikh At-Tabari, V.3, p.210)

Since we come to know the meaning of Jihad in Islam, I recommend people to take some time off and research for the truth and right information from reliable sources. Don't rely on the Western media which brainwashes people by the political and corrupt information.

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