Jalalabad Afghanistan

Jalalabad Afghanistan is the largest city in eastern Afghanistan and it's the capital of Nangarhar province. The Jalalabad is located at the junction of Kabul and Kunar rivers and it neighbors with Laghman province. The estimated population of the city is 168,600 people and It is linked by highway with Kabul to the west and Peshawar, Pakistan to the east.


The ancient history of the region declares that Jalalabd Afghanistan was a major center of the ancient Gandhara's Greco-Bhuddists. On that time Jalalabad city was called by different names such as: Nagarahara, and Adina pur. In 1505, Babar meditated an incursion into India which proceeded through the city and called (The current Jalalabad) as Adinapur and called Khaibar Pass to current Peshawar.

Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, had chosen the site for this city and it was built by his grandson Jalal-uddin Mohammad Akbar in 1570.

The modern city gained prominence during the reign of the Mughal emperor Babur Shah. The city was invaded numerous times including the invasion of British in 1842 and the First Anglo-Afghan War. Now the city is considered one of the most important cities of the Pashtun culture and population. After decades of war and conflict, the city is now being rebuilt under NATO and UN assistance. Thousands of refugees have returned back to the city from Pakistan and still the return of the immigrants continues.

The native and major spoken language in Jalalabad Afghanistan is Pashtu and 97% of the population are Pashtuns. Sunni believers are the solid majority of the population.

Jalalabad Afghanistan has recently developed in different sectors such as: business, industry and agriculture. The city produces different types of vegetables, fruits and grains like rice, wheat, corn, potato, onions, oranges, sugarcane<, and water melon.

Nangarhar province has several districts such as:

  • Achein

  • Bati Kot

  • Bihsood

  • Chaparhar

  • Dara-I-Nur

  • Dih Bala

  • Dur Baba

  • Goshta

  • Hisarak

  • Jalalabad

  • Kamma

  • Khogyani

  • Kot

  • Kuz Kunar

  • Lal Pur

  • Muhmand Dara

  • Nazyan

  • Pachir wa Agam

  • Rodat

  • Shirzad

  • Shinwar

  • Surkh Rod

Jalalabad Afghanistan is a Pashtun dominated area and one of the lead trading centers with India and Pakistan. The current governor of the province is Gul Agha Shirzai who was the former governor of Kandahar and an influential Pashtun politician.

Nangarhar province Afghanistan was one of the main poppy cultivation areas in the country. Since 2005 the poppy cultivation in the province has declined up to 95%. Due to weak and corrupted government administration, poverty, existence of warlords and Taliban in the region, the poppy trade still exists. The poppy cultivation areas are located in the districts of Nangarhar province such as: Khog yani, Ghani kheil, Chapar har, Goshta, Lalpur and other remote districts. The farmers claim that due to lack of water, assistance of the government and poverty, cultivation of poppy is the only option for work. The other main places of poppy cultivation are the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan where there is no presence of government and existence of Al-Qaida and Taliban.

This is the satellite city map of Afghanistan Jalalabad province. Please click on the + button on top lift side of the map to zoom in and move your cursor for more details of the city.

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