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Islam beliefs; There are several fundamental beliefs in Islam which completes the Islamic faith, such as the oneness of God, the holy Quran, the prophet-hood, the life after death and the day of resurrection, belief in the angels and the predestination that Allah is aware of the future and the past.

Islam beliefs in oneness of God and it's considered as the fundamental part of the Muslim's faith. Allah is the one and only God and there is no any partner or son associated with him. The word Allah means “The God or One God” that has no feminine, masculine or plural form; thus Allah is elevated to the highest being. Allah is the creator of the universe and all beings. Allah is the creator and the God of the Christians, Jews, Muslims and others. Muslims don’t associate anything or anyone to God as it’s considered a blasphemous and huge sin. Islam rejects the Christian notion of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, however, Muslims regard Jesus as a human and a great prophet or messenger of God.

Muslims belief that all the prophets came with the same message and that was to worship one God. Moreover, the creator of all beings Allah, has provided guidance for humans through such prophets as Adam, Ibrahim (Abraham), Suleiman (Solomon), Ismail (Ishmael), Yaqub (Jacob), Isaac ( Ishaq), Musa (Moses), Dawud (David), Isa (Jesus), and others including Muhammad (PBUH) as the final prophet. As Muslims call the names of the prophets, they usually say “peace be upon him/them” or write the observation as (PBUH) after the name. Also as a part of the Islamic beliefs, Muslims consider Christians and the Jews as the people of the book and they are allowed to marry them. As a result, there are many Muslims who are currently in marriage relationships with these followers of the holy scriptures.

Muslims don’t worship Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as divine, but they worship Allah alone as supreme, unique and almighty God, who created and rules everything. On the other hand, Muslims follow the foot steps and the saying of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the final messenger of God and have kinship towards other prophets including Moses, Jesus (PBUT) as the messengers of God. Even though there are disagreements about the Trinity of Jesus between Christians and notion of Muslim, there are many similarities and agreements between these two religions.

Life after death is another main part of the Islamic faith. Muslims believe that both belief and action are important in this earthly life. They believe in the Day of Judgment in which all humans will be held accountable before Allah for their conducts. It is important that in each action there is consideration given to whether or not it is accordance with what the creator Allah has commanded through the Holy Scriptures and the prophets.

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