Government Departments

Government Departments; Besides 24 ministries in the structure of the Afghan governemnt, there are several other commisions and departments, which have been established for the better services. The commissions and departments are working independently with their annually budget from the government.

Departments are as follows:

1. Department of National Security

2. Department of Central Bank

3. Department of Kabul Mayor

4. Department of Red Cross

5. Department of Academy of Sciences

6. Department of Olympics

7. Department of Fighting Disasters

8. Department of Control and Audit

9. Department of Anti Corruption

10. Department of Environment Protection

11. Department of Cartography

The Commissions include:

1. Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission

2. Judicial Reform Commission

3. Constitutional Commission

4. Anti-Corruption Commission

Every department in the government has employed hundreds of employees with the minimum of 50 $USD salary a month and the maximum of $2.000, USD depends to the position of employee but most high ranking government employees are corrupted and they earn more in bribery than their actual monthly salary.

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