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Famous celebrities are joining the religion of Islam each year from different backgrounds and careers. Islam the misunderstood religion in the West is a fastest growing religion of the 21st century with 1.8 billion followers so far.

Islam has become introduced to many people across the globe after the 9/11 attack due to widely misconception and propaganda of Western Media against Islam and Muslims. Therefore, Islam has entered in every house and made people to research and find the truth about the second religion of the world. Moreover, some other celebrity converts have found their faith in Islam not by chance or force but by choice and searching for the truth and asking God to help them find their spiritual soul.

Yusuf Islam, (Cat Stevens) the famous pop musician is one of the well-known celebrities who converted to Islam at the height of his fame in 1977. However, its not only Yusuf who came to Islam, but there have been many other famous people including Malcom X black-rights activist, Michael Wolfe ABC producer, Muhammad Ali Clay Champion boxer, Jermine Jackson brother of Michael Jackson, Maurice Bucaille French Scientist and much more converted to the Islamic faith. I have gathered some of these people's names in a short movie clips below.

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