Chatni Sauce Recipe

Chatni sauce recipe is a delicious Afghan hot sauce made with green pepper, parsly, cilantro, mint, garlic, salt, vinegar or lemon. This delicious sauce is known for it's taste in the region and it is served in every meal in Afghanistan.

Chatni or 'Chatney' is a homemade sauce which is available in four seasons of the year in Afghanistan. People make this hot sauce for the taste of their mouth. If there is not already made sauce in the house, people use fresh or dry pepper with their meal. However, it's not only Afghans who use this green hot sauce, Indians, Pakistanis and some other countries use it too with a little different ingredients.

During the winter when it's hard to find fresh pepper in some part of the country, people buy their fresh pepper in advance in Autumn and make their sauce for the winter.

The spicy chatni sauce is common in every house and on every table cloth. The most common month of eating this specific sauce along with another vegetable sauce called 'Turshi' is the fasting month of 'Ramadan' when people are not eating or drinking anything early from the sunrise to sunset every day for a month. During the fasting month, different types of suace are being used such as mint sauce, garlic sauce with other vegetables soaked in vinegar.

This type of Chatni sauce is used with every meal but mostly with Bulanni, Spegatti, Pasta, eggplant, Kabab, Chicken, rice and more.

The Chatni Sauce recipe:

  • One bunch of fresh Cilantro

  • One bunch of fresh Italian Parsly

  • One bunch of fresh mint

  • Two Ounces of Alipano or other hot fresh pepper

  • Four cloves of fresh garlic

  • Four table spoons of white vinegar

  • Half cup of water

  • One table spoons of salt

  • One table spoon of olive oil if available

First blind the cilantro, parsly, mint, pepper, garlic through the ground machine then mix the grounded ingredients with half cup of water. Then add the vinegar and salt and one table spoon of olive oil if avaiable and mix again.

Now your fresh, tasty homemade mint sauce chatney, garlic sauce is ready to serve.

Note: if you don't like to use venigar, you can add lemon instead but venigar makes it taste really good and it will taste better and vinegary in the next day. Also this recipe is for a small batch but you can make more by adding more ingredients as you see in the pictures.

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