Charikar City

Charikar City is the capital of Parwan province in northern Afghanistan and the main city of Kohdaman valley with the estimated population of 153,500 people. The city lies on the north 69 km away from Kabul. Travelers pass through the city when they travel north to Puli Khumri

Kunduz and Mazari Sharif. Charikar is at the gateway to the Panjshir Valley, where you can find the precious stones in the mountains such as Emerald and Lapis lazuli. The residents of the city are mostly Tajiks and the spoken language is Dari. Charikar is known for its art of pottery, Fruit and vegetable products such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumber etc..

The ancient history of the region says that the city was found by Jamshid known as (King Yama) and later the city established by Kushanyans or King Kanishka but in the other place it says that In 329 BC, Alexander the Great found the settlement of Parwan as his Alexandria of the Caucasus. The city was conquered by the Arabs in 792 and in 1221. The town was the site of the battle between the invading of Mongols and ‘Khewarazim Shah’ Empire which led by Jalal ud-Din, where Mongols were defeated. In 1840, Parwan was also the site of a major battle in the First Anglo-Afghan War where the British invaders were defeated.

Parwan's modern history began with the construction of a new textile factory in the town of Jabal Saraj in 1937. Since then, Parwan was involved in the Soviet war in Afghanistan as some of the fiercest fighting took place in the area. In mid 1990s it was the site of heavy resistance against the Taliban.

Today Parwan province is a secure and peaceful province in the country with governance of Abdul Jabar Taqwa and assistance of ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team which led by the United States and has been active in reconstruction in the province since 2004.

The districts of Parwan province including the capital are:

  • Bagram

  • Chaharikar

  • Ghorband

  • Jabul Saraj

  • Kohi Safi

  • Salang

  • Sayed Khel

  • Shekh Ali

  • Shinwari

  • Surkhi Parsa

  • Gulbahar

  • Koh-i-Safi

  • Shenwari

Here is the satellite map of Parwan province and a it's districts. Please click on the + button on top lift side of the map to zoom in and more your curser for more details of the city.

Jabul-Saraj District,

Bagram District, US Military Air Base,

Parwan province has a beautiful weather during the spring and summer and most part of the province is green with fruit trees. There are several springs and rivers in the region which makes the city a place of camping and fun.

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