Baghlan-Puli-khumri which can be spelled as Pul-e-Khumri too, is a city in northern Afghanistan and the capital of Baghlan province situated 250km north of Kabul, three miles east of the Kunduz, River, 35 miles south of Khanabad Kunduz and It’s about 1,700 meters above sea level in the northern Hindu Kush. The population of the region was estimated about 20,000 in 1960 and 3 year later about 24,410 in 1963. In 1965 the estimated population went up to 92,432 and now the current 2006 estimated population is 779,000 people. The spoken language in Baghlan Puli-Khumri is mainly Dari and the residents are mostly Tajiks with existence of other ethnicities.


It's said that the founder of Baghlan Puli-Khumri was the Kushans (Kushan Empire) they named the city as Bagolango during their empire.

Pul-e-Khumri city and the entire province is known for it’s great agricultural products such as:

  • Baghlan rice,

  • wheat,

  • fresh and dry fruits,

The main products of Baghlan province are wheat, Baghlan brand rice, cotton, potato and fodder crops like alfalfa, maize as well as vegetables and fruits like: carrot, onion, tomato, okra, melon and water melon are the main products which find increasing markets. Farm forestry and cottage fruit productions are widely found across the region.

The famous products of Baghlan-Puli-Khumri are:

Dushi Rice

Ghuri Cement

Sweet melon & water melon of Baghlan

Cotton of Baghlan city

Baghlan Afghanistan has several districts including the capital of the province such as:

  • Pul-i-Khumri

  • Andarab

  • Baghlani Jadid

  • Burka

  • Dahana-I-Ghuri

  • Dih Salah Dushi

  • Farang Wa Gharu

  • Guzargahi Nur

  • Khinjan

  • Khost Wa Fereng

  • Khwaja Hijran

  • Nahrin

  • Puli Hisar

  • Tala wa Barfak

One of the notable people from Baghlan province is Bibi Ayesha, an Afghan female commander who controlled a force of 50 to150 men in the Nahrin district of Baghlan Province. She shared her name with the 7th-century commander of forces against Hazrat Ali a gangster and military commander in eastern Afghanistan as well as an army commander under the Soviet regime and later one of Taliban figures.

Ayesha was also known as Kaftar (Pigeon), she operated for at least two decades, fighting against the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan.

Here is the satellite map of Baghlan-Puli-Khumri. Please click on the + button on the life side to zoom in and move the map with your cursor.

The weather of Puli Khumri in the summer is hot as high as 45C and the winter is cold and snowy. The autumn and spring are the nice seasons with moderate temperatures.

Move your courser to see the satellite map of Baghlan province and the districts correctly.

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