Amir Habibullah Khan

Amir Habibullah Khan from 1901-1919 was the king and ruler of Afghanistan.

(1872-1919) King Habibullah Khan, was born on June 3, 1872 and he was the eldest son of Amir Abdul Rahman Khan and the child of a slave mother and the father of King Amanullah Khan. Habibullah Khan ruled Afghanistan from 1901, until his assassination in 1919 while he was on hunting trip to Laghman provice Afghanistan. The King kept Afghanistan out of World War I. During his reign, Habibullah khan has modernized the country during his kingdom and built various roads and schools including the first modern school of Habibia which was built in 1904 in west part of Kabul Afghanistan and the military academy.

The flag of Afghanistan during his kingdom from 1901 until 1919, had a black background with an emblem in white color in the center. The black background flag represented the black page of the history and the independence Afghanistan had not been achieved on that time.

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