Amir Amanullah Khan

(1892-1960) Amir Amanullah Khan was born on June 1, 1892 and he was the third son of Amir Habibullah Khan. Shah Amanullah Khan rose to power after his father's assissanations on February 20th 1919 and he ruled the Emirate of Afghanistan from 1919 to 1929.

Ghazi Amanullah Khan was the governor of Kabul as well as in control of the army and the treasury during the kingdom of his father. After the Third Anglo-Afghan War, Shah Amanullah Khan achieved the independence of Afghanistan over it's foreign affairs from the United Kingdom, although Afghanistan was never officially a part of the British Empire. The British fought three times in Afghanistan. The Firs-Anglo-Afghan-War in 1839–1842 followed with the Second-Anglo-Afghan-War in 1878–1880, and the Third-Anglo-Afghan-War in 1919 which led to the independence of Afghanistan. King Amanullah Khan announced Afghanistan's independence from foreign interventions at Eidgah Mosque in Kabul on August 19 1919. The King's services and reforms have been recorded in the history of Afghanistan which includes building of schools, power or electricity stations and much more. He had also developed a close diplomatic relationship with Europe and the rest of the world. In early 1929, Amanullah Khan abdicated and went into temporary exile in British India and his brother Inayatullah Khan became the king of Afghanistan for a few days until Habibullah Kalakani took over. However, Kalakani's rule didn't last long and replaced nine months later by king Nadir Khan. Amir Amanullah Khan then traveld from British India to Europe then to Italy and later to Zurich, Switzarland where he died on April 25th 1960.

During the kingdom of Amanullah khan, there were two different Afghan flags. The first one was a white emblem with the black background before the independence of 1919. Then when the independence of Afghanistan achieved in 1919, the Afghan flag has changed to three color stripes. The new flag had an emblem of two wheat branches on two sides and a rising sun from behind the mountains in the center of the emblem (meaning of a bright future) in Afghanistan.

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