Afghanistan Women Clothing

Afghanistan women clothing are really comfortable and comes in different colors and designs. Women clothes are mostly made out of cotton for summer time due to hot and dry weather of the region and wool materials are mostly worn in the winter season.

The typical women clothes for inside the house are a long knee length cotton dress with a trouser known as 'Panjabbi' which is also more common in the neighbor country Pakistan. The dress is really comfortable and cool during the summer time and due to coolness of the dress people wear it any time even in some occasions and parties.


The dress which is called ‘Perahaan’ is made out of four or five yards of cotton, cotton and polyester, silk as well as in satin woven fabrics, which comes in different colors and depends to the desire of the wearer. Bright colors are mostly worn by young women and darker colors by older women which the fabric comes in plain, pattern or stripes designs. Woman's trouser which is called ‘Tunbaan’ is made of approximately two yards of cotton or acetate fabric. The color is usually solid white or black and its full length but the white color trouser is more common with older ladies as well as in villages and suburbs people. The trousers cuffs are mostly machine - or hand-embroidered designed in white with patterns but people of Kabul don’t like to wear white trousers with a colorful dress so it’s a more common out side of Kabul.

Afghanistan women clothing are nice and comfortable especially the 'panjabi' dress which is almost like men's clothing 'perahan tunban' but there is a slightly difference in design as well as in fabric. As a fact of Afghan women clothes all women have to wear head scarf to cover their head when they go out of their home, but the way of cover the head with scarf is different in every women. some women like to have the head scarf on the head and wrap the two sides in the back of the neck but other ladies like cover their head as well as covering their nose and mouth with head scarf or some people want to cover their entire body with the buqa. There is no limitation now in Afghanistan women clothes, as long as they follow the Islamic laws.

After the fall of Taliban in 2001 and the establishment of Hamid Karzai government, women got free and allowed to work in the government as they were all able to work in past side by side with men. The formal outgoing or working clothes for Afghan women are a little bit different. Women are usually wearing a shirt and a long ankle length skirt with a head scarf as formal outgoing work clothes. The skirt is long and it's made of approximately three yards garment from a variety of different colors and fabrics including cotton for summer and woolly fabrics for winter seasons. The color and design of the shirt depends to the choice of the person who wears but mostly cotton fabric with some cool designs is more common in summer. The formal dress for female school teachers is different than the rest of female government employees. They have a formal dark green long calf length coat (chapan) with the same color trouser as well as a matching headscarf as their uniform.

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