Afghanistan Ministries

Afghanistan Ministries are formed in the structure of Afghan government to 24 ministries, such as:

1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: (Dr. Zalmai Rassoul)

2. Ministry of National Defense: (Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak)

3. Ministry of Interior Affairs: (?)

4. Ministry of Finance: (Omar Zakhilwal)

5. Ministry of Economy: (Mohammad Hadi Arghandiwal)

6. Ministry of Justice: (Habibullah Ghaleb)

7. Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs: (Said Makhdum Rahin)

8. Ministry of Education: (DR. Farooq Wardak)

9. Ministry of Higher Education: (?)

10. Ministry of Commerce: (?)


11. Ministry of Water & Energy:( ? )

12. Ministry of Transportation:( ? )

13. Ministry of Women Affairs: (?)

14. Ministry of Public Welfare: (?)

15. Ministry of Public Health: (?)

16. Ministry of Agriculture, Irregation & Live Stock: (Mohammad Asif Rahimi)

17. Ministry of Mines: ( Wahidullah Shahranni)

18. Ministry of Communication: (Eng. Amirzai Sangin)

19. Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development: (Jarullah Mansoori)

20. Ministry of Work, Social Affairs, Martyred, and Disabled: (Amena Afzalli)

21. Ministry of Refugees: (?)

22. Ministry of Urban Development: (?)

23. Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs: ( Mohammad Yousuf Niazi )

24. Ministry of Anti-Narcotics: (Zarar Ahmad Moqbel)

25. Ministry of Borders and Tribal: (?)

After the 2009 presidential election, 25 ministers have been appointed by President Hamid Karzai but only 14 of them have received their approval votes from Afghan parliament members. Since the establishment of the Hamid Karzai government in 2004, there have been changes every year in the Afghanistan ministries. It's believed that the Ministers have been replaced from one ministry to an other by the president, due to lack of experience.

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