Afghan Restaurants

This page is dedicated to the top Afghan restaurants around the world that service authentic Afghan food.

I have been asked by my visitors to include an Afghan restaurant page on my website and to recommend the top Afghani restaurants. Therefore, I am trying to add those Afghani cuisines that have great credibility and hospitality which is the tradition of Afghan culture.

General information

In most Afghan Cuisines, you may find almost the same dishes on the menu which includes Qabeli Palau the national dish of the country, and also known as the crown of Afghanistan food, Aushak and Mantu, which are veggie and non-veggie dumplings (ravioli), Bulani, a flat looking pancake (Samosa) stuffed with potato or Persian Chives. You can also find a few different types of Kabobs including Tikka (lamb) kebob, Shammi (grounded) beef kabab and chicken kebab.

On the other hand, Sabzi (spinach), Dahl, (lentils) and Burrani badenjan, (eggplant) along with the Chalaw (white rice) and the fresh Afghan Naan bread are served as vegetarian dishes. There are other Afghan dishes that you may find in an Afghan menu, but it depends to the restaurant you are visiting. Its worth mentioning that every Afghan restaurant may represent a part of the country, and usually the taste of the food as well as the method of cooking might differ from one another, but only Afghans might notice the difference of the food's taste.

The following restaurants are catagorized by the region:

  • Kabul - Afghanistan

  • Washington DC - USA

  • Los Angeles- California

  • Bay Area-N California

  • New York - USA

  • Virginia - USA

  • Dubai - UAE

  • Melborne - Australia

  • Paris - France

  • Hamburg - Germany

If you have an Afghan restaurant and would like me to include it on this website, please contact me with any relevant informaiton.


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