Afghan Kids Clothes

The Afghanistan clothing for kids, Afghan Kids clothes, come in a variety of colors and designs. The Traditional kids clothes for young girls about 2 to 10 years old or more are of the same design as traditional women clothes known as Kalai Afghani. They are mostly worn in special occasions such as parties, weddings, picnics, special holidays etc.

The Afghani dress for kids looks really cute on kids due to the beautiful handmade embroidery on the dress. It is usually made from good materials and fabrics like pure cotton. You can see in this picture how cute my niece looks in her traditional clothing!

The everyday Afghanistan kid’s clothes for girls are a mix of all different types of clothing, such as a long dress with trousers. Jeans and shirts are more common in Kabul and a few other major cities but the majority of clothes of girls are the long dress and trousers which can be found in a variety of different colors and designs. In some provinces outside of Kabul girls that are over seven or eight years old usually wear a scarf too as part of their outfit, while in Kabul, the girls usually start wearing the headscarf at about age 12.

The clothing for boys is mostly the authentic typical Perahan Tunban in most cities of the country. Regular pants and jeans with shirts are more common in the capital Kabul and can be worn any where, any time, even can be worn as school uniform. The traditional boy’s clothes are the same as men with cool embroidery on the dress as well as on the shiny gold or silver stitching waistcoat and hat. Currently the Afghan kids clothes are more westernized and kids are wearing western style clothing including jeans and shirts.

Recently many foreign tourists visiting Afghanistan are trying our comfortable clothing including the typical and traditional cool kids clothes. In the picture below you can see more the details of the hand embroidery and unique design of the traditional Afghan dress. If you want to know more about Afghanistan girls or boys clothes or to purchase, just type your keyword in the search box below or contact me directly through my website.

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